Bogota Backscatter

The January 25, 1999 earthquake that devastated the coffee-growing region of Colombia draws emergency personnel from around the world including an international team of geologists. The United States sends Fred Sager who, with his penchant for uncovering trouble, learns that curiosity can, indeed, kill the cat. In this case, however, the cat has taken the form of a beautiful yet mysterious Chinese woman whose claws soon sink deep into Fred's very soul. Fred quickly finds himself surrounded by danger. The Colombian drug lords may be the least of his worries as he inadvertently stumbles into and through the politics behind America's 'war on drugs' not unlike the proverbial 'bull in a china shop.' Several of your favorite characters from the previous book, "An Unlikely Journey," reappear in this suspense-filled thriller, and new faces, including the little violin girl and 'Stone Face' Kim make their presence impossible to ignore. "Bogotá Backscatter" is a superb page-turner work of historical fiction that once again proves Frank Stephenson is headed for greatness.