An Unlikely Journey

This is a great story, and the author says that the major events are true! Too bad one or more of the major publishers don't pick it up and distribute it more widely. Perhaps Mr. Stephenson's next book will be as good as An Unlikely Journey, I am looking forward to being able to do an Internet search or a search on under his name and see the second book is out.

I particularly enjoyed the "journey" part of the story, where Fred learns the truth about what might happen to the major Islands in the Hawaiian chain should the Admiral continue with his outrageous plan. There is a very clever twist at the end when Fred gets on the bus and relives, word for word, a previous scene from (about) the middle of the story. The author manages to tie all the loose ends together in this chapter.

Our local newspaper here, The Arizona Repulic, needs to do a book review for this novel. They'll do a review for one of their own employees (e.g. Jon Talton), but they seemingly don't pay much attention to local authors. Perhaps that's why this paper is often referred to as The Arizona Repulsive. No wonder so many Arizonans subscribe to the East Valley Tribune and/or the New York Times!

Also, I think the Phoenix central library should buy several copies of the book for their shelves.

Dennis Wheat, Goodyear, Arizona

Absolutely could not put this book down. Suspense, action, a great plot with many twists, never knew what to expect on the next page. I felt like I was part of the story as a bystander, observing each new event, almost like watching a movie. Excellent character development, very real dialog and emotional reactions. Really liked the ending; the reader was never tipped off in advance how this story would conclude. Very much looking forward to his next book. Good job Mr. Stephenson!!!


This book tells an adventure/mystery story which is so exciting it is hard to put down untill you reach the very unpredictable ending. There are startling suprises in almost every chapter. Fringe benefits are a description of life in Hawaii that transports the mainland reader, and a very understandable lessons in the science of volcanos, oceans and submarines.
A throughly enjoyable book.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Unlikely Journey and look forward to Mr. Stephenson's next novel. I found myself intrigued by the unexpected twists and turns in this captivating tale. Frank has created a unique blend of suspense, romance and insight in a tropical setting laced with a bit of ancient legend and modern technology. The book was a great "find" - I hope there will be more in the near future.


Bogota Backscatter

This is the second of Frank Stephenson's books I have read and, although he has declared that both books are based on factual information, this particular book I happen to know really is. (Note: the first book may also be based on fact, but I would have no way of knowing that.) I served for a period of time on a DEA task force in Colombia, and I have a scrapbook full of news articles, the events of which are woven into the story Stephenson has written. He's done so with great cleverness, too.

All in all, I found the book most entertaining, as I did the first book. The fact that I could identify with more of the action in this one perhaps made it more enjoyable for me. I look forward to another of his books, but I'm disappointed that bricks and mortar bookstores don't carry them.

Marty Smith
Apache Junction, AZ

"Fast-paced and very informative…"

This is Frank Stephenson's second book - if you read his first one, "An Unlikley Journey" I believe you will enjoy this one even more. Frank's writing is fast paced and holds one's attention. It is also laced with an incredible amount of information about the drug business and the involvement of our government. Very good reading - I look forward to his next book.
Jim Elliott, Coachella Valley, CA

"Revealing and refreshing twist…"

They say you can't judge a book by its cover. Maybe not, but I bought the book because I found its cover intreguing and sexy. In fact, I didn't even open the book for a month, just stared at the cover. My conscience got the better of me finally, and once I started to read, I found the story facinating. It has every aspect that I like in a novel: the hero fighting with himself, with his environment, and with other people. Oh, and gratuitous sex. Don't forget the sex. The story line is unique, unlike the novels that so many writer's crank out with the same plot as the previous novel but different names. This book is both revealing and refreshing, and most people will be satisfied owning it. If you don't like the story, you'll still have the cover. Don't forget the cover.
Tucson, Arizona Reader